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What is Tacticians Online?

Tacticians Online is a turn-based strategy game. It is free and open source (under the Apache 2.0 License): you can download the code for this website here and the code for the server-side content here.

(Ridiculously) Early Access Warning

Tacticians Online is still in its infancy: most features are missing, and the available ones are incomplete. For now, this website is intented as a way to assess the current state of the project, but not as a way to actually play the game. Indeed, users should expect frequent resets without warnings, as the underlying data structures may require changes and translation of the existing data is not deemed worthwhile.

Game Modes

Tacticians Online is intended to have both solo and multiplayer modes. Players can group up (or go alone) to face the story campaigns. Competitive matches are also available, with players invading or defending customized maps.

Player Progress

As they progress through the game, players unlock character customization items, equipment, achievements, additional campaigns, and resources to build their own maps.

Map building resources are the only items that can be acquired multiple times, since they have to be spent. All of the other items can be used as many times as the player wants, once they are unlocked. There is no trading between players.

Battle Duration

The game is played asynchronously, in a concept similar to Play-By-Mail games: players are notified when it is their time to play, and have no need to be connected otherwise. Consequently, battles in Tacticians Online can be played in sequences of very small sessions. The downside being that, since the other players may not be readily available, games are likely to last a very long time. To address this issue, the players will be able to set time limits for turns (with a minimum of 25h), and multiple games can be played simultaneously.

Co-Operative Campaigns

Because of the time spent on each battle, having players grind on low difficulty battles with low chances of reward would prove to be very boring. Instead, campaigns are intended to be challenging, without randomness factor for their rewards. Campaigns will be structured as trees, with branches available depending on either player choice or consequences of previous battles (character death, secret uncovered, etc).

Players characters are chosen at the start of a campaign. This selection cannot be changed while the campaign is in progress (although playing the same campaign simultaneously with a different selection is possible). Furthermore, any outside changes made to the characters have no impact on ongoing campaigns. Additionally, the characters are not healed or restored between battles, unless the scenario explicitly features a restoration event.

Upon reaching victory in a battle, the player is offered two choices: either carry on to one of the next available campaign events, or revert the effects of the battle and attempt it once again in hopes of a better result. Upon defeat, the latter is automatically selected.

Players VS Players

As part of the early campaigns, players are given lands. Players are able to customize those lands by spending resources, which are earned either by defending their own land, or by invading other players'. This resource can also be used as an alternative way to earn some campaign rewards. Players may group together to build, defend, and invade larger maps. The number of groups a player can belong to is not limited, but, for obvious reasons, they are not allowed to participate in both the defense and the invasion sides of the same battle.

Players versus players battles are subject to random events. For example, non-player characters may intrude on an ongoing battle.

Business Model

Tacticians Online has an open business policy, meaning that information on all incomes and purchases are publicly available.

Advantages Acquired by Paying

In Tacticians Online, the only purchasable digital goods are the cosmetics sold by artists. Cosmetic items do not provide anything other than visual boons.

Money Income: Sell of Cosmetics

The main source of income planned for Tacticians Online is the sell of cosmetics from artists in the community. Those cosmetics would have to be validated before being put into place, with a first pre-selection done by the community itself, and a final approval made by us.

Artist remuneration is intended to go as follows: the money spent by the player goes through the usual taxes (government, payment platform share, etc), then the artist receives 75% of the remaining amount, and Tacticians Online gets the rest. The listed price of the item is chosen by the artist and validated by us.

Plans include the introduction of a 15 days delay between purchase and the distribution of money between Tacticians Online and the artist, in an attempt at making refunds less complicated. How the taxes are handled in such case is still to be determined.

Ownership of sold items is still to the artists, meaning that they do not have to use a license as permissive as Tacticians Online's for their art. As a result, those items are not part of Tacticians Online's source code, and forks of the project should deal with the artist directly.